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>> with the election over, congress and the president approach the fiscal cliff, what could happen if law-makers don't act. and cal-train commuters facing big changes tonight. developing news about one lucky escape. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening, this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with developing news out of redwood city. this is video of just about 15 minutes ago when news chopper two of over the scene involving a commuter train.and a car. it happened along the tracks at pennsylvania avenue along maple street. cal train says that the car stalled on the tracks and the driver and a child got out before the train hit the car.
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train traffic has been halted now for little more than an hour. barack obama is back home after securing a second term in office. the president first lady, and their two daughters returned from chicago, aboard air force one, landing at andrews air force base. president obama won almost all the key swing states last night and then swept most western states, pushing him to victory over mitt romney. before leaving chicago today, the president made a surprise visit to this campaign headquarters in that city. volunteers reportedly broke into applause when he arrived followed by smiles and tears. the president also called key congressional leader from both parties shortly after election. the congress remains divided with republicans keeping control of the house and democrats holding onto the senate. the president's victory ended up being a little bit more lobsided than expected.
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our janet is live tonight directly down, trying to count the numbers of the voters that pushed him over the top. >> reporter: as you can see here, they are packing it up at the san francisco democratic headquarters. today, we did find that exit polls showed that two key groups: minorities and the use vote for key in obama's reelection. democratic party staff and volunteers in san francisco were busy clearing the campaign office as the people came by searching for obama signs and taking pictures to remember this moment in history. >> oh, i was walking by and i voted for obama and i wanted to remember that i voted for obama so i'm picking these up to take home. >> reporter: it was an emotional evening as thousands of students watched the election results. without the youth vote, the president might not have been reelected. the exit poll from fox news says that he was overwhelming support from people under 30,
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64% for obama, 30% for obama. >> the numbers don't lie. >> reporter: political analyst randy shanavil says that this is a reflection of the changing demographic. he was getting support from 93% of blacks, 71% of asians, and 71% of hispanics. >> the republicans are not clicking with those groups and if those groups grow and republican policies stay the same, they're going to continue to lose the votes. we have gays, lesbians, asians, blacks, and hispanics. this is all going to be a deciding group. >> i think that the gop needs to do what the democrats have done, go to the base, work the streets, work the neighborhoods
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because so many minorities hold the same values of the republican party. >> reporter: romney did capture more of the youth vote than john mccain did in 2008 and both sides already planning for 2016. reporting live in san francisco, janet, ktvu news. >> obama and his wife decided to stay in the westin hotel in boston last night. boston came out at least $20 million richer thanks to the romney campaign, nearly making up for the cancelations from storm sandy. here, the democrats gained seats in the legislature and for the first time in 80 years, the democrats will hold a super majority in the state assembly. that means that california minority republicans will have no real power to block insulations. one measure that could come up
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would be passage of a measure to legalize same sex marriage. senator stein berg says that there's no plan to raise taxes, which republicans say were there number one dinner. following the presidential election, nasdaq fell 74, e.u. leaders scaled back on estimates on growth for next year. in greece, hundreds of protesters clashed with police as the country's parliament prepares to vote on a package of spending cuts. a 48 hour strike is underway with banks, schools, and public offices closed. the prime minister is calling for pensions and holiday hours
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to be cut, in order to keep receiving bailout funds. with the election behind us, wall street is turning to the fiscal cliff. congress needs to compromise to keep the economy on track ass said by tom baker. >> do you know what the fiscal cliff is? >> actually i don't. >> do you know what the fiscal cliff is? >> i haven't a clue what a fiscal cliff is. >> i haven't heard of that term. >> reporter: you will, and soon. >> enormous changes that are currently scheduled to happen on new years day. >> reporter: absent a deal, there will be automatic tax increases for everyone, massive budget cuts and a huge reduction of the federal budget. >> there will be very large cuts in defense spending. there will be equally large cuts in non-audience spending. what that means of course
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request is that the government will buy many fewer things. hundreds of billions of dollars less. >> reporter: government will have far less money to spend and businesses will have less money. >> it will be big enough that it will be noticeable and it will be painful. >> reporter: huge layoffs across the board possible, and the economy may stall. >> it's entirely possible that you could see a recession. >> reporter: now that we know. >> i hope it's not us who have to pressure those people representing us to get off their receivers. >> they should be more in tune with what americans as a whole need. >> sit down, and come to agreement. >> reporter: but with congress at such odds, the question supreme court is there enough time to avoid the fall? tom baker, ktvu, channel two news. >> a compromise on federal spending cuts is so important
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for our state. >> the largest job loss is california. 130,000 of jobs lost that are related to defense. so if there's a hatchet used, california is the state most hurt. >> senator feinstein is a democrat with a history of bipartisanship. he said that the president and the republican-controlled house need to compromise in order to avoid the tax cuts and the spending hikes that continue for the rest of the year. >> spike workers in the bay area are encouraging workers to boycott the grocery store chain. >> it is day four of the strike affecting more than 100 stores in nevada and california including this one in san jose. the workers' union is protesting cuts to health benefits as well as the company's plan to eliminate premium pay for sundays. >> i started when i was 18.
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i believe in this company and i still believe in it and that's why i'm here standing for my rights. >> rali says that a union officer was arrested for crossing a line. the company i should a statement that the union leaders have denied employees the right to vote on their contract offer and that the store must reduce operating costs authorized to stay competitive. the man accused for -- one day after california voters upheld capital punishment. a jury today found 49-year-old 19 thanburg guilty for two counts of murder for gunning down her girlfriend. and killing multiple victims which qualified him for execution. there's a new development tonight in the case of the cal swim coach who sued the marod
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school district. christian klenen says that -- in the 1990's. the district recently packed turn out when its lawyers in turn, accused him as being negligent and careless. well, today the district withdrew that claim pollingly apologizing for any anxiety approximate. of house minority leader nancy pelosi. deputies say that 21-year-old kevin broke into the saint halena home twice once again. five others last week. they say he had a watch in his opposition possession taken from the pelosi resident. investigators say that the obstruction of the bus in
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market and third street costed muny about $1 million. 19-year-old hudson was taken into cut custody this morning. five years ago today, the cargo ship buson struck. he apologize this picture is actually in relation to the nuni vandalism accident. we too hard that area. third and market. to find out what's been learned. i'm sorry, the cosco buson story was still today. well, the harbor pilot side- swiped the bridge in heavy fog and that spilled some something like that 3,000 gallons of fuel oil into the bay. 6,000 birds died but a lack of data from before the spill kept environmentalists from knowing the full extent of the damage. >> it was a relatively minor spill, but they allowed it to get away from them because they were simply not prepared.
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just a now ships can't leave port with less than a half mile of visibility and oil spill notification has improved. pilot john coda spent ten months and prison and is fighting to get his license back. the 7.4 magnitude quake hit in guatemala, near the northeast border of mexico. residents in mexico city evacuated and about 30 homes have collapsed in the town of san nmaros where the damage has been reported. and widespread damage. >> educators today breathing a sigh of relief with the passage of prop 30. why that tax measure means that students will spend more time in the classroom. just a and no, no rest for storm weary residents back
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east. the why. >> we are transitioning to a cool, wet pattern. a full break down of thunderstorm chances and when a winter advisory kicks in for the sierra. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan.
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safeway. ingredients for life. >> new video tonight of a fire that destroyed a home in santa clara county. it happened at about 8 :30 this -- they were burning wood. when a pack graduate caught the roof on fewer. just 33 firefighters and an hour and a half to control the flame, the three occupants got out unharmed. california ask a schools are victorious as a new measure succeeded but added the results won't be immediate. >> this is not instant coffee
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here. this takes time and effort but over the next few years we're on a glide path and the agencies have already begun to put out their on commentary on how california is now on a stable path. >> the taxes from prop 30 are estimated to raise eight and a half billion dollars for education. so as you could imagine, educators across california are celebrating the pass of prop 30. alex savage shows us how one bay area school stands to benefit. >> reporter: they are celebrating today after california voters okayed a tax hike to fund public education. >> just a huge sigh of relief for all of us. >> really, sound like a vote of confidence from the citizens of california in believing in education. >> reporter: when i talked though the principal two weeks ago, 30 was not polling well. today it's a very different feeling. >> this has lifted a huge
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weight off my shoulders. >> reporter: in this school district, the answer was simple, $2 million would have been wiped from the budget. rosa park was looking at five furlough days, but not anymore. >> i'm filled with emotion. >> second grade teacher tracy eagleheart told me that she was able to teach kids how elections directly facilitate them when she asked students today what happened to prop 30. >> i had that people decided that they wanted to pay taxes to pay for education. and so it's going to be good for our schools. >> reporter: of course opponents much prop 30 are disappointed by the results. it said in part quote, "he was able to effectively use education to blackmail voters into supporting his tax
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increase, the voters were do you knowed." but they believe that voters made a statement. in berkeley, axle satisfy an, ktvu, news. >> after voters yesterday approved a measure requiring actors to wear condoms while filming sex scenes. the aids foundation. but adult film ministry says the industry already polices itself by requiring actors to undergo monthly tests for hiv and other infections. last night set off a flurry of 2008. 30 million tweets, that's the most ever for any political event. president obama's four more years tweet was retweeted over
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64,000 times. david lee -- >> a mid afternoon, the wind had picked up and the rain along portions of the coast had turned to snow. work crews still trying to clean up after last week's storm said that this has made their job more difficult. >> the sand is getting more heavier. the guys working outside, it's difficult to work because it's cold. they're getting wet, not enough ponchos, not enough bags. we could use help. >> reporter: the storm is expected to bring rain and wet snow to new jersey and new york. more than half a million people are still without power following last week's storm. now there is fear that number will rise. new york mayor michael bloomberg warned those without power to remain cautious, how to heat their homes. >> please do not use gas ranges or ovens to stay warm, that is not only a fire hazard, the
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humans released can kill you. >> reporter: workers in new jersey have tied to rebuild sand dunes but despite the risks caused by the northeaster. there are still those that refuse to be evacuated. >> i don't think there's any more fierce. this is it, this is it. i'm getting anxiety walking around to see what i'm going to do. and other people too, i feel there's lots of people, it's just crazy. you know? i don't know what to do anymore. i don't want to live in long beach. >> reporter: chris christiy, said when told about -- victims of the two storms say that the impact has seen biblical. long beach, new york, david lee miller, fox news. >> that storm is causing headaches for some travels here in the bay area. thirty-one flights canceled between san francisco, new york, new jersey, and
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philadelphia. people are camping tonight in walnut creek. the tent city is the new chick- fil-a on northeast street. the restaurant opens tomorrow morning and the first 100 customers will get a free meal every week for an entire year. peaceful protesters also plan to show up after tomorrow's grand opening. they're upset by the donations that they've made to antigay organizations. coming up, where you can now lays up your ice skates and enjoy a san francisco tradition. a noticeable cooling trend, meteorologist mark will let us know about the wet weather coming our way.
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>> boy, what a change weather- wise, where we were a couple of days ago. to whether where we are today. >> 10-20-degree drop off. and we have more as he had as we as we head into thursday and friday. right now, the maps on mystormtracker. primarily portion of the north bay, we do have some low fog hanging around. as far as the coverage on the radar here. you'll notice this. there's not a lot out there in the states but this will be changing first thing tomorrow morning. first, the significant rainfall is up to the knot. not even much of a factor there
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yet. remember yesterday we had 81 in santa rosa, all of those temperatures really cooling off in san francisco, to 60 degrees this afternoon. a drop to 21 degrees, san francisco, maxed out right about 66. forecast this thing former morning. you definitely want to -- 40s to the 50s. santa rosa, bring in a chance of a few showers. mid-morning and the early morning hours. here you can pick out some of our seven-day forecast headlines. we have some partly cloudy skies, patchy fog out there. showers pushing back into there region. weekend, we're going to be tracking some cold numbers. trevor drop, that will continue as this cool weather system moves in from the north and to the west. temperatures for tomorrow.
7:26 pm
barrel making barely making it up into the lower 60s typical a winter advisory in place for the sierra. here's our forecast model at 9:00 we do bring in a chance of showers. and then maybe another batch of some showers pushing in by tomorrow evening. temperatures for tomorrow, mainly in the upper 50s to lower 60s. san jose, and a look at your survive day forecast, with your weekend always in view. sunshine by sunday. >> sharpen your skates, the waveway rink opened this morning. >> i love to skate. i love to skate. >> the rung's open every day from 10:00-11:00. portions of the proceeds go to the boys and girls club and the san francisco parks department. the ice rink is another sign
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that the holidays are coming. thank you for trusting ktvu channel two news. we'll see you next time news breaks. and our coverage continues with the 10:00 tonight. and tonight, a landmark vote to raise the minimum wage. keep in mind we're always here for you at, and t.m.z. is up next, right here on tv 36. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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